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  • Photo to Art - Digital Work - Hobbies Stuff
  • Photo to Art - Digital Work - Hobbies Stuff
  • Photo to Art - Digital Work - Hobbies Stuff

Photo to Art - Digital Work

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This artwork is one of the artworks that Hobbies Stuff is offering. Digital Portraits are paintings of your favourite photos drawn on a pen tablet.

The idea behind this is “you can create your memories uniquely and in a different way, which will have an emotional touch of affection and so much love”

We have digital Portraits in Hard copy as well as in soft copies. The hard copy of digital Portraits are in various sizes A4, A3 and A2, and we are offering several printing types such as Canvas print, Matte finished print and Glossy print. The soft copy of your digital Portraits is a high-quality file that will be transferred to you via e-mail. The resolution we are providing for soft copy is 300 PPI and which can be printable up to canvas size A2. We are offering artworks with consideration of several faces, for individuals, couples and family or group of friends up to 8 faces.

The artworks are made by professional artists from several parts of India. All the artworks are highly finished. We are using fine quality print and superior colour quality for the artwork. The canvas we are using for hard copy print has a textured look, which takes the artwork to another level. We are providing the best suitable background for your artwork based on apparel and ambience. The quality we are offering is long-lasting.

All the hard copies of your digital Portrait will be shipped to your doorstep. We are providing free shipping all over India. As far as the safety of your artwork is concerned, we are offering Free Picture Frames to your artworks. We have frames in Black and Brown matte-finished style

You will be notified regarding the completion of artwork for the review before shipping and after getting your positive reply we will ship it to you.

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